Influence of the casino environment on gambling behavior

Welcome to the Institute for Gambling and Environment. On this page we would like to publish our scientific studies on the influence of the casino environment on gambling behavior. The rapid development of the gaming industry is one of the reasons for increasing gaming problems. The fierce competition in the industry has meant that every casino operator who wants to position himself successfully on the market in the long term has carefully designed every square centimeter of his game library so that his guests can spend as much time as possible there. You invest a lot of money in an environment that affects players on a psychological level to keep playing.

Slot machines you never even have to go to a real casino to know that slot machines are the most played game of chance. The number of gaming machines in each casino is always the largest compared to other games like roulette and blackjack. Casino operators explain this with the fact that you don't need any special experience or strategies here. The win in this game is entirely dependent on luck, so there is no need to calculate the odds of winning. This explanation sounds good, but it is only partially correct, since there are a few psychological principles behind the enormous popularity of slot machines. Slot machines are designed to manipulate our brain's reward system as well as possible.

To achieve this purpose, special sound effects, flashing lights and even exciting sounds of the coins are used. This combination is responsible for strong stimulation of the human brain. Experts say that it is precisely these parts of our brain that are responsible for eating or sex and transmit the so-called reward signals. Now it's no wonder why the thrill remains even though you've already lost the game.

The selection of topics is also no coincidence for slot machine developers. It is not without reason that the most popular slot machines are devoted to mythology and ancient cultures. These evoke positive associations with treasure discovery and wealth. Known symbols are understood as “lucky ones” and mean that the player expects more rewards and should therefore continue to play. The eyes are another element that works on a psychological level and is often used by slot machine designers. They have a special attraction, which is why faces with a focus on the eyes appear as symbols of luck in more and more games.

Customer experience with slot machines Slot machines are never boring, but they are exciting, fun and always interesting. But above all, they are loud. An enormous number of slot machines that work in the same cycle create an incredible noise, which makes our objective decisions significantly more difficult. In addition, the uninterrupted noise gives the impression that the odds of winning are higher. Not to be forgotten is the music accompanying the casino, which in most cases is specially selected. It should always be known to “increase emotional states”.

Customer comfort is another topic that is not underestimated in any casino. The ergonomic design of the slot machines ensures a high level of seating comfort. Casino armchairs are universally adjustable to the desired seat height of the player. The specially shaped seat and backrest offer a correct sitting posture when playing. The slot machines are far from the only thing that draw the attention of casino designers. If you let your gaze wander over the interior design of the game library, you will immediately notice other elements, the aim of which is only a psychological impact on the players. You will hardly see windows or wall clocks in a casino. This is especially necessary for the loss of the real sense of time. Time perception must be distorted so that visitors can spend more time playing. Casino operators offer everything that could prolong the playing time. Free drinks, food and even adult diapers are available to players in more and more gaming halls at all times. Customer service is one of the top priorities for arcade operators. Friendly employees are one of the decisive factors that motivate customers to return.

There are also interesting studies on the influence of casino design and furnishings. For example, former gambling addict Bill Friedman, who later became a professor in casino management at the University of Las Vegas, has watched over 80 casinos in Nevada to determine how successful gambling halls differ from the others. He has come to the conclusion that hotels that have casino equipment instead of a lobby immediately after the entrance attract significantly more players. The paths between the casino tables and slot machines, which are arranged chaotically, show better results for the length of stay compared to the long, wide and direct aisles. In his opinion, arcades with lower attics precede those with high ceilings.

Successful casinos are also famous for their gorgeous design. “Players feel glamorous in a glamorous room and rich in a rich room. And who doesn't want to feel rich? ”Says Roger Thomas, one of the most famous Las Vegas casino designers. A study by Karen Finlay showed that even guests who do not normally take part in games of chance cannot escape in the game stores designed by him.

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