Mega pyramid


Mega Pyramid is actually a sub-stratum lottery game by Red Tiger Gaming Corporation. According to statistics, Mega Pyramid does not possess the most popularity among other slot machines. That does not mean it is bad, though, so give it a shot and see for yourself. Just remember that this is an online casino game so there is no need for you to physically go to Las Vegas to take your shot at the Mega Pyramid.

The story behind Mega Pyramid revolves around an ancient Egyptian myth. It was believed that the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built by people who lived on the desert. They would construct the pyramids while standing on the sand with their feet on top of the pyramid. It was because of this myth that the Mega Pyramid was named after the ancient Egyptian symbol for infinity.

There are many different casino slot games out there today. But none of those games can compare with Mega Pyramid. When you play mega pyramid slot machine, you will stand a good chance of winning a huge jackpot prize. The reason why is because this casino game comes with its own slot feature that is almost similar to a slots machine. It has a wheel which is circular and looks like a basketball wheel on one side while having an eye feature on the opposite side.

When you pull the lever, you will notice that there are four reels. When you pull the handle, it will rotate two of the four reels and this will cause four ropes to come out of the sides of the frame. These ropes will lead you to stop certain results. There are also some symbols on the ropes, which can help you identify which reel to pull. This is because the symbols resemble the ancient Egypt pharaohs’ symbols that are engraved on the revolving reels.

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