Crystal mirror


The Crystal mirror is named after the crystals that light up when the buttons on the mirror are pressed. This slot game has been designed with a unique spin on a classic slot machine game. It employs the same symbols that make up a normal mirror but with the addition of special symbols printed on the face of the crystal. The printed symbols will change depending on how you position your hands on the mirror. This means that playing the game requires quite a bit of strategy on your part if you want to increase your chances at hitting the right symbols.

The nice thing about Crystal mirror is the way that it works. To start with, the reels spin normally with three or five symbols on each reel. The first symbol you find will be the regular type. However, as you move your hands up to the next symbol, it will rotate into the wild type. As you approach the end of the reel, the reels will stop spinning and just be left spinning, hence the name “wild.”

There are many interesting things about this slot machine because it is different from the normal mirror that you would find in the traditional casinos. First, the images of the figures on the outside of the crystal are different. Instead of being regular, they have been created by using special and abstract printing techniques. They also appear to change in pattern when you rotate the reels, similar to the way that the human eye sees it.

You can play crystal mirror in traditional casinos or you can also play it online. Many people enjoy playing these bonus games because there is nothing really to learn. All you need is a computer and a slot machine of course. If you do not know what to look for in these bonus games, then you should consider signing up for a game of online slots instead so that you can learn more about these intriguing slot machines.

Crystal mirror is not only a slot machine that offers you interesting graphics. It is also a mirror that plays a significant role in the casino’s bonus games. In fact, the most important part of the slot machine is definitely the mirror, which is responsible for many of the casino’s bonus points. That is why this particular mirror slot is a popular choice for casino goers.

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