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Betgr.gr is the European version of the sites livepage.gr, inov.asia, icreative.am and icons.cx, which has been collecting and publishing information about the gaming world for several years now. The site went online in June 2014, but the companies launched their first casino sites back in 2006.

betgr.gr is maintained and updated daily by a team of dedicated casino experts. It is our interest to provide the online gambling community with the correct information about everything to do with online casinos.

We create ALL our content ourselves and we spend a lot of time researching and collecting all the information available about online casinos, the iGaming business, casino bonus offers and promotions. If you regularly visit Spielhallen.com, you are guaranteed not to miss anything when it comes to the best online casinos!

The best online casino guide 2019

Since the beginning of 2014 betgr.gr has been trying to be the best online guide for everyone who loves online casinos and their content. So if you're looking for information about the best online casinos, you've come to the right place! We present the most exciting, fairest and (potentially) most profitable games that can be played in reputable, safe and reliable online casinos!

We rely on years of experience that each of us brings with us and together means decades of expertise in online casinos.

We understand how important it is to find the right casino where you feel safe and entertained. For this reason, we have created an information page for each listed casino, on which the casino is described and checked in detail. These casino reviews are updated regularly with the latest information.

The team behind betgr.gr

Senior online editor

betgr.gr has been dealing with online gambling for years. Together with his team, consisting of various experts in the areas of sports betting, casino and poker, he creates the casino testimonials. The focus is not only on working out the best offers. The main thing is to present everything in an understandable and immediately understandable way. He is always available to answer questions about bonuses, casino licenses and the like.

Gambling & player protection

Gambling is a particularly sensitive area with many risks. It concerns the social responsibility of a state and is therefore of high regulatory relevance. Ensuring high player protection standards is one of the central objectives of the Gambling Act (GSpG) and is enshrined in law in several provisions of the GSpG.  

Other regulatory objectives of regulating gambling are in particular

Avoidance of criminal acts (use of games of chance for money laundering or terrorist financing; source of income for criminal syndicates; other fraudulent activities)

Avoidance of addiction and economic risk to people

Youth protection

Consumer protection

Financial market stability (pyramid games, money laundering)

A total ban on games of chance would not make sense and would have negative consequences, such as, for example , pushing gambling into illegality, an uncontrolled payment of winnings or possible pressure on the game participants to be put on the part of the organizer. Gambling in free commercial competition would have similar negative consequences.

The European Union has therefore rightly emphasized the decision-making and discretionary powers of the Member States in regulating this sensitive area, while ensuring internal coherence.

Because of the social risks, gaming in Austria is generally reserved for the federal government (gaming monopoly). The latter exercises its monopoly over a concession system with limited and strictly monitored gaming concessions. To this end, the law provides for state gaming supervision by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

License and data protection are becoming more and more important

Neither online casinos nor bookmakers can do without a valid gaming license. The authorities that issue the licenses have committed themselves to various guidelines that operators must observe. An important issue is data protection, which is well known to European players, not least because of the current developments surrounding the new General Data Protection Regulation. For example, licenses determine the extent to which player data is to be protected. They must not be passed on, and modern SSL encryption technologies ensure that the sensitive details are protected for third parties.

For the players, however, there is often only one big question mark: Which provider can you trust now? What makes a reputable provider and what should you watch out for? Comparison sites are becoming increasingly important at this point, as popular websites such as betgr.gr  have set themselves the task of providing players with a quick, yet detailed overview. You compare different bookmakers and casinos – and of course only present reputable platforms that you can trust.

The comparison sites take a close look at the licenses and also provide information about the general offer of the platforms: If the customer service is convincing, is data protection guaranteed, is the game offer entertaining and are the bonus offers worth attracting new players to the site worthwhile? Responsible gaming is also discussed, because authorities such as the MGA from Malta only award the coveted gaming license to parties who take protective measures for the players and provide comprehensive information about the dangers.

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